SASS Updates – August 2021

SASS Updates – August 2021

Thank you everyone for showing up and/or making comments to one or both of the I-93 Viaduct presentations by MassDOT. We secured some important promises, one of which is already implemented: the crossing at Blakeley Ave. This was where Marshall Mac was struck and killed by a hit and run driver, and it now has a crosswalk and a pedestrian signal. Residents are now a little safer when getting their groceries.

MassDOT Promises:

  • Installing a crosswalk and signal at Blakeley Ave (DONE – see picture above)
  • Studying feasibility of sound barriers in three distinct areas of I-93 in Somerville (< 1 year)
  • Installing speed feedback readers for data (< 3 months)
  • Installing raised crosswalks at the Kensington Underpass (< 3 months)
  • New sidewalks, moving guardrails, installing ramps, and other pedestrian issues cataloged in their safety study (Spring 2022)

StreetsblogMass wrote up a summary of the MassDOT’s second public meeting on June 30 – Advocacy Works: MassDOT Re-Prioritizes Basic Safety Upgrades For Somerville.

We at SASS intend to ensure that MassDOT delivers on their promises. We are thrilled to see the streets of these environmental justice neighborhoods become safer by slowing traffic and by pursuing sound and particulate barriers.

Open SASS Meeting – September 19, 7 PM : We’re holding an open meeting on September 19! Come join us as we discuss our Safe Streets Design Guide, and strategize advocating for the designs highlighted. We’re also seeking more people to join the SASS Organizing Committee, and this would be a great meeting to come and ask us questions about being on the committee!

Submit crosswalk and stop line painting requests to 311! It’s repainting season! Please let the city know which faded crosswalks and missing stop lines need fresh paint. You can call or tweet @311 Somerville. Use the category about paint on the streets under sidewalks and streets/crosswalks and street painting report.

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