Somerville area Projects We’re Tracking

Here are all the projects we’re watching in Somerville, where to get official information about the project, along with our own thoughts and updates. Somerville also has a page of active construction which you can follow:

If you hear of any updates to these, official or unofficial, let us know! We are all SASS.


Project NameStatusCommentsExpected MilestonesLast UpdateDescriptionAdditional Links
15 McGrathUnder constructionWill make McGrath Highway more pedestrian friendly, add landscaping adjacent to community pathCompleted late 2024See additional links for weekly updates15 McGrath will include the construction of a 9 nine story LEED Platinum Core/ Shell Lab and Office Building. 262,000 square feet of commercial space, 268 motor vehicle parking spaces, 53 long-term bicycle parking spaces, and 14 short-term bicycle spaces.Weekly Construction Updates
Draw Seven Park and Path ExtensionDelayed, unknownMay be stalled due to funding20222/25/2020Renovation of Draw Seven parkDraw Seven Park Renovation Meeting Slides 2/25/2020
East Broadway Bus Lane Extension and Crosswalk ImprovementsUnder constructionBus lanes painted8/4/2023Broadway has multiple bus routes that connect to Sullivan. By extending the existing dedicated Broadway bus lanes to Sullivan, bus riders can experience more reliable service and reducing delays, allowing the corridor to accommodate more people. Parking spots that do not meet current regulations (< 20' from crosswalks) will also be removed, "daylighting" the crosswalk and increasing visibility for all modes of travel.
Glen Street NeighborwaySeeking community inputPast traffic calming attempts using wooden signs and flex posts have been unsuccessful and short-lived.Spring 20248/4/2023Quick-build only. Part of the bicycle network. Glen Street goes next to two schools. North of Pearl especially is used as a high-speed cut-through. Quick-build project with CultureHouse.
Highland Avenue Redesign ProjectOn hold, delayedDelayed until 2026 per budget meeting on June 13, 2023.2026? 20246/15/2023The city is completely reconstructing Highland Ave from Hamlet St to Cutter Ave. The community would like to have protected bicycle lanes, pedestrian safety measures, MBTA bus improvements, and more accommodation of loading zones, pick up and drop off locations, and accessibility.
Holland St & College Ave Mobility Improvements Under constructionStill needs more flex posts and green paint on Holland St. Curtis street work expected 6/15/20232023?6/15/2023Resurfacing roadways and sidewalks of Holland Street from Davis Square to Teele Square, and of College Avenue, from Davis Square to Power House Circle. New commercial loading zones and metered parking, along with a new curbside bike lane on Curtis St.October 2022 Holland St Configuration Designs
I93 Viaduct Under construction
Need update on sound/pollution barriers
Impacts quality of life of residents near I93. Opportunity to add sound and pollution barriers (need update on this). Pedestrian detours should be maintained.Fall 20246/15/2023Preserve the life of I93 viaduct, which has visible corrosion, restore weight capacity.Construction Update June 9, 2022 (Slides Only)
McGrath Highway Resurfacing Under construction, delayedReconstructing sidewalks and resurfacing. Once resurfacing is done, protected bike lanes are to be addedLate 2022 2021
Fall 2024
10/17/2023Resurfacing McGrath between Broadway in Somerville and Third Street in Cambridge. Will incorporate a bike lane and wider sidewalks (in some areas), along with narrower driving lanes.- Progress Plan
Update provided to Mike Connolly 10/16/2023- Design
- MassDOT Project Page
Mystic/McGrath (28/38) Signal and Intersection Improvements On trackDesign at 100% as forecasted. Anticipated final plans/specs/estimates in Fall 2023, construction to start End of 2024/Spring 2025Construction start late 2024/early spring 202504/19/2023Add safety improvements and ADA compliance to high crash corridor. Includes shared path throughout the corridor, adds sidewalk along desire lines, replaces a car lane with multi-use path.- Latest presentation (slides only)
- Link for live-tweet of presentation
- MassDOT Project Info
Mystic River Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge Design and permittingOn schedule for project to go out to bid at the end of the year, construction to start 2024. Does not appear to include a new Assembly Row entrance on Draw 7 Park side.Project goes out to bid end of 2023. Construction to start 2024.6/20/2023Build a shared path over the Mystic River, connecting Draw 7 Park in Assembly Row to Encore Casino in Everett.- StreetsblogMASS Update June 20, 2023
- Designs as of February 12, 2018
Pearl Street Reconstruction and Safety Improvements ConcludingMostly complete, a few sidewalks and plantings need to be done.Through fall 202310/17/2023Resurface and add traffic calming on Pearl Street. New sidewalks. Includes speed humps on Cross St, traffic circle on Glen/Oliver.Final Design
Poplar Street PumpNeeds VerificationInitial Locations and Descriptions of Work:
- Removal of asphalt and concrete surfaces within 10 Poplar Street site.
- Installation of fencing along 10 Poplar St/Linwood Street site-perimeter. Includes erosion and sediment control around the work zone.
- Soil characterization and excavation prep.
Through 20255/24/2023Pump station and underground storage tank to increase preparedness for extreme weather (rain) events. ArtFarm, a new park, urban agriculture site, and arts hub will be part of this project at 10 Poplar Street.Construction Kick-off Meeting 03/27/2023
Powder House Boulevard and Alewife Brook Parking Intersection Under constructionThrough fall 20246/15/2023Current intersection is high crash location, removing the "rotary".- Construction Plan
Spring Hill Sewer Separation Project Under constructionMilling of Summer St between Spring St and School St happening week of June 12. Final paving will take place later in 2023- 2024 for Project Area 1
- Project area 2 starts 2023 at the earliest
6/16/2023Separating and updating sewer system and improving streetscape, including new trees and cycle tracks on Central and Summer streets as part of project area 1.Street-specific schedules and designs can be found on the project page.
Tufts Street ReconstructionSeeking community input*New project* Community survey seeking input until August 14-Winter 2024 sharing initial designs
- 2025 completion
8/4/2023Reconstruct sidewalks and repave Tufts Street between Cross Street and Washington StreetFirst community meeting 8/30/2023 RSVP
Western Washington St Mobility Improvements On trackFinalize design- Construction starts in 2023 2024.
- 2024 completion
10/17/2023Reconstruct sidewalks and repave Washington St between Webster Avenue and line Street.Final Design

Just across the border

1 Mystic Ave (Sullivan Square) – Under review. Comment period closed May 19, 2023.

40 Roland St (Sullivan Square) – Under review, comments about design due July 17, 2023. Will add trees, parks, and housing/retail along Cambridge St. Bus lanes and protected bike lanes will be added, but we’d like to see sidewalk level bike lanes instead of street-level, parking protected bike lanes.

Bus Network RedesignFinal report published, summarizing proposal and planning process. New routes will start rolling out in 2023, pending bus operator headcount. This project will be implemented in several phases and is expected to take until 2028 to complete.

Mystic/Maffa Way (Sullivan Square) – This project has been advertised for construction bids and expected to start Summer 2024, continuing in Summer 2025 (as of February 2023). Some milling and repaving of Mystic Road has started – unclear if it’s part of this effort.

Rutherford Ave and Sullivan SquareDelayed. Planning to restart design discussions with community in Fall 2023 (as of January 2023).

Wellington Circle – Final recommendations published, Draft Study Report is open for comments until July 8, 2023.