Who is SASS

SASS is a coalition united by a common belief: None of us should rest until the streets are safe for everybody. We are pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, and drivers. We are able bodied and disabled, young and old, parents, caregivers, students, teachers, business owners, elected officials, residents, and commuters.

Since SASS published our declaration and call to action in early 2021, nearly 900 people have signed on to be part of the community. We believe that we are all SASS, and we are committed to inclusion, and diversity. We are opposed to oppression and discrimination in all its forms.

The core work of organizing and steering SASS is done by a committee of volunteers who bring experience and connections to various advocacies and organizations within Somerville.

SASS Organizing Committee (Oct 2023)

  • Adrienne Agarwal
  • Angie Byrne – Member of Somerville Vision Zero Working Group
  • Chris Dwan – Member Somerville’s Urban Forestry Committee, advisor to Green and Open Somerville, and active on twitter as @somershade1
  • Alex Epstein – Dad of two young kids; Former member and Chair of Somerville Bicycle Advisory Committee; MA Vision Zero Coalition; Somerville Vision Zero Working Group
  • Edward Faulkner – Ball Square resident, parent of young children
  • Alex Frieden- Member of the Somerville Bicycle Advisory Committee
  • Stephanie Galaitsi – Mom of two kids, Member of Somerville Commission for Women
  • Joan Liu – East Somerville resident
  • Karen Molloy – Member of Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership
  • Lena Rogow – Somerville renter, pedestrian and transit user
  • Arah Schuur – Co-founder of Somerville Bicycle Safety
  • Cole Springate
  • Cynthia Stillinger – West Somerville resident
  • Susann Wilkinson – Former Member Vision Zero Task Force, Staying Put in Somerville-Cambridge, and Co-Lead of Rt 16 Traffic Calming Coalition
  • Larry Yu – Chair of Somerville’s Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change; active member of the Climate Coalition of Somerville
  • Roman Zadov

Organizing Committee Alumni

  • Stephenson Aman- Member of the Somerville Education Foundation, Co-Chair of Somervision 2040 Committee
  • Ken Carlson- Former member and Chair of the Somerville Bicycle Advisory Committee; Co-lead of Rt 16 Traffic Calming Coalition
  • Bonnie Denis – Former Chair of Somerville’s Commission for Persons with Disabilities
  • Jason Downing – South Medford resident and avid cyclist
  • Will Mbah – Former at-large city councilor
  • Mark Niedergang – former Somerville Ward 5 City Councilor
  • Ellin Reisner – Member of Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership
  • Emily Vides – Mystic Ave resident, mom of two, former member of Somerville Pedestrian and Transit Advisory Committee